arabica espresso

coffeeflour-infused chocolate


new superfood chocolate sourced and crafted for the greater good

jcoco, the culinary-inspired chocolate line thoughtfully crafted by Seattle Chocolate Company, is proud to introduce the first-to-market CoffeeFlour®  - infused chocolate bar: jcoco arabica cherry espresso in dark chocolate. This profound partnership is built on a commitment not only to source and produce responsibly, in ways that protect the environment and generate a better economic future for farmers, but also to create something that is uniquely flavored and nutritiously beneficial to all. 

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CoffeeFlour®  is made from dried coffee cherry pulp, a former waste product, that is milled into nutrient-dense flavor-rich ingredient. Expressing smoky, citrus and roasted fruit-type notes, CoffeeFlour® enhances the distinct flavor profile and nutritional value of the new bar. Meticulously blended in small batches with jcoco's Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa, jcoco arabica cherry espresso in dark chocolate delivers a smooth, stunning taste with a slightly coarse texture from dried arabica cherries and freshly ground espresso bean inclusions. 

jcoco arabica cherry espresso in dark chocolate will be available online and at the Seattle Chocolate Company factory store and the company's Sea-Tac Airport Shop. As with all jcoco products, every purchase of jcoco arabica cherry espresso in dark chocolate donates a serving of fresh good to a local food bank partner in support of our neighbors in need.