chocolate tasting flights

The jcoco flights are collections of chocolates curated to offer a tasting adventure through the intricate flavors of cacao. Each flight is composed of three different 1z chocolate bars that share a common feature, yet still exhibit distinct traits. When sampled together, they excite and surprise the palate. A pocket-sized guide of tasting notes and inventive pairing suggestions, penned by James-Beard Award-winning chef Jason Wilson, accompanies each collection, inspiring a new appreciation for the nuance and complexity of chocolate.

in the precious metals flight, A selection of milk & white chocolate explores the character that cocoa butter and milk lend to a chocolate’s flavor, bringing forth notes of creaminess, caramel and toast. it includes a rarely-encountered blonde chocolate, which our tasting team describes as,

a uniquely colored chocolate that has a creamy mouthfeel of caramel and butterscotch. the first notes are round and buttery, gradually giving way to the flavors of warm shortbread, fresh out of the oven with a pinch of salt.
jcoco flights-4672.jpg

For dark chocolate enthusiasts, our complex dark flight offers A selection of dark chocolate bars that explores different variations of cacao from 70% to 86% in taste, aroma, mouthfeel and tannin content.

this collection features an 86% cacao bar (jcoco's darkest chocolate yet) with a surprisingly floral and fresh flavor profile. Chef jason wilson recommends that you pair it with a corpse reviver cocktail, a crisp sancerre or a loire valley sauvignon blanc.


jcoco tasting flights are available now in our flagship store, and will be coming soon online.