chocolate tasting flights


the jcoco flights are collections of chocolates curated to offer a tasting adventure through the intricate flavors of cacao. each flight is composed of three different 1z chocolate bars that share a common feature, yet still exhibit distinct traits. when sampled side by side, their variation surprises and excites the palate. a pocket-sized guide of tasting notes and inventive pairing suggestions, penned by james beard award-winning chef jason wilson, accompanies each collection inspiring a new appreciation for the nuance and complexity of chocolate.

the south american

dark chocolate tasting flight


a chocolate selection comprised of some of the best cacao from three South American countries. each embodies the flavors typical of the soils, climate and environment from where the cocoa was grown.

bar 1: peru 62%

bar 2: brazil 68%

bar 3: venezuela 72%

the complex dark

dark chocolate tasting flight


a selection of dark chocolate bars that explores different variations of cacao from 70% to 86% in taste, aroma, mouthfeel and tannin content.


bar 1: 70% cacao

bar 2: 80% cacao

bar 3: 86% cacao

the precious metals

milk chocolate tasting flight


a selection of milk & white chocolate that explores the nuances that cocoa butter and milk lend to a chocolate’s flavor, bringing forth notes of creaminess, caramel and toast.

bar 1: platinum

bar 2: gold

bar 3: bronze