boharat middle eastern spice

black peppercorn, cumin, cinnamon and clove in dark chocolate

We’ve collaborated with Chef Tarik Abdullah to bring you Boharat Middle Eastern Spice in Dark Chocolate. The Boharat spice is used throughout Middle Eastern cuisine often in lentil dishes and stews. Our 60% cacao bar transforms this traditionally savory flavor profile, infusing dark chocolate with spices such as cumin, black peppercorn, cinnamon and cloves for a surprisingly harmonious combination of flavors. View highlights from the boharat launch event hosted with Chef Tarik at the jcoco tasting room.

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80% Bar Naked Landscape_Web.jpg

80% dark chocolate

matagalpa origin beans

Our 80% dark chocolate bar celebrates the unique flavor profile of origin cacao, harvested in the central Matagalpa region of Nicaragua. The chocolate leads with bold toasted notes and gives way to a rich, fudgy flavor in the middle palate. As it melts, fruit-forward notes emerge beginning with raisin and evolving into a bright grapefruit finish. This bar has only the classic ingredients of chocolate so you can taste the unique characteristics of this origin bean.


tofee and sea salt - jcoco

bali sea salt toffee

in milk chocolate

Hand-harvested from the beautiful, tropical waters surrounding the island of Bali, Flower of Bali Sea Salt is comprised of delicate sea salt crystals that form on the surface of the salt beds. These all-natural, medium-sized grains are gently gathered by hand, lending this salt its fluffy texture and high moisture content. A lovely ivory color, Flower of Bali offsets the sweetness of the toffee and adds its own light crunch to the round caramel notes of the milk chocolate.

 as seen in alaska airlines gold member class

as seen in alaska airlines gold member class

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Black fig pistachio copy.jpg

black fig pistachio

in dark chocolate

The black fig pistachio bar is made with dried black California mission figs and whole roasted California pistachios. The black figs are lusciously sweet and provide a complex texture that combines chewy flesh, smooth skin, and crunchy seeds. The pistachios add a light crunch and nutty complement to the fruit and dark chocolate.

Black Fig.jpg

Veracruz orange.jpg

cayenne veracruz orange

in white chocolate

The Cayenne Veracruz Orange bar was inspired by a local delicacy from the Yucatan Peninsula - a fresh sliced orange with light dusting of chili powder. The sweetness of white chocolate is perfectly balanced by citrus and finished with a gentle kick of pepper that lingers long after the chocolate has disappeared.

Cayenne Veracruz.jpg


agave quinoa sesame

in milk chocolate

Quinoa, a superfood high in protein, is especially tasty in this delicious flavor combination. The quinoa is puffed under a low heat then coated with blue agave, a natural sweetener, to seal in the airy crunch of the seed. It is then mixed with toasted sesame seeds and blended with milk chocolate, for a sweet & salty flavor profile with a South American influence.

Agave Quinoa.jpg

arabica espresso

in dark chocolate

Arabica is the principal species of coffee cultivated in Latin America. Using the whole bean, our newest superstar bar is infused with fresh ground espresso and CoffeeFlour®, made from dried coffee cherry pulp (thus, its namesake). CoffeeFlour® is an incredibly nutritious antioxidant with, gram for gram, more fiber than whole grain wheat flour, more protein than fresh kale, more potassium than a banana, and more iron than fresh spinach. The distinct flavor is stunning, with a slightly coarse texture and deep, fruity notes.

Arabica Espresso.jpg


edamame sea salt

in milk chocolate

This milk chocolate bar made with whole toasted edamame beans and sea salt embodies the spirit of the jcoco brand. It takes an Asian delicacy, and treats it in a uniquely American way by roasting edamame like an almond and adding sea salt. The overall effect is reminiscent of classic nuts, salt and chocolate but done in an updated, inventive way.

Edamame Sea Salt.jpg

noble dark

in dark chocolate

Belgium enjoys the reputation of producing the finest chocolate in the world. This is where we source our 72% couverture noble dark chocolate bar. It is deep, smooth and chocolatey with a wonderful mouth feel and no trace of bitterness. We then add inclusions of coated Casa Luker cocoa nibs from Colombia. The nibs are toasted then enrobed in dark chocolate.

Noble Dark.jpg

coconut pecan

in milk chocolate

Milk chocolate with shavings of sweet dried coconut, raw pecans and a hint of coarse sea salt. The combination creates a chewy and crunchy texture that complements the milk chocolate.

Coconut Pecan.jpg