jcoco + CHIHULY

for pilchuck glass school

What happens when you combine culinary-inspired artisan chocolate with the bold aesthetic of a trailblazing artist? You get a feast for the eyes and the palate in one vivid package. We designed the jcoco + CHIHULY Chocolate Gift set in homage to the art of Dale Chihuly and his boundless experimentation with light, color, form, and scale.

More than a renowned artist, Dale chihuly is a philanthropist dedicated to nurting the craftsmanship of artists across the globe. In 1971, he cofounded Pilchuck Glass School, the premier institution for glass art education that continues to attract artists from around the world.

This collaborative gift set features four of our favorite signature jcoco flavors: Boharat Middle Eastern Spice, Crisp Quinoa Sesame, 80% Dark Single Origin, and Bali Sea Salt Toffee.

Non GMO | Kosher | Gluten-Free