talking points


jcoco draws inspiration from cultures across the globe to create a fresh, exquisite new chocolate experience. owner jean thompson (the “j” in jcoco) and her team consult with renowned chefs to push the culinary edge, sourcing the finest chocolate, then adding intriguing ingredients to create distinctive flavors that complement, rather than overwhelm, its extraordinary taste profile.

Messaging Bullets

  1. Seattle Chocolate Company is 100% woman-owned
  2. Our bars are created with all-natural, whole ingredients
  3. Every time you purchase jcoco, we donate a fresh serving of food to someone who would otherwise go without.
  4. Jcoco has donated over 1.8 million servings of fresh food through partnerships with U.S. food banks

What’s unique about jcoco?

We create culinary-inspired chocolate, meaning our bars are created with inventive combinations of ingredients and thoughtful consideration for how each flavor interacts with the palate. With flavors like cayenne veracruz orange, edamame sea salt and black fig pistachio, we experiment with texture, heat, sweet and savory sensations to create a new chocolate tasting experience. 

What are jcoco Flights?

Jcoco Flights is a collection of chocolates curated for you to explore the nuance and complexity of cacao. We bring together three distinct chocolates that share one common trait and package them together in a three-oz bar, showcasing how region, cacao content, and ingredient composition impact a chocolate’s flavor profile. 

What is blonde chocolate?

Blonde chocolate (featured in the precious metals flight) is similar to a creamy white chocolate, except that it’s composed of caramelized milk and cocoa butter that’s been slightly overcooked to create a buttery mouthfeel and toasty finish. 

dietary details

jcoco currently has 6 flavors that are vegan and 9 flavors that are gluten-free. all of our products are non-gmo. Customers can easily sort based on their dietary preferences when shopping on our e-commerce site.